Artisan Bread Baking 101 - Saturday, August 19th @ 9:30a.m.

In this 4 1/2 hour class you'll learn all about the different types of wheat flour, when you should be using them, how you should be using them, and what you need to know about producing conventional artisan loaves.  

Classes are small and highly interactive. Be prepared to get messy...nobody leaves the bakery without baking a loaf of bread.

Chef Marni will take you through the method of mixing, shaping, and proofing conventional wheat flour doughs, and will teach you everything you need to know to turn out your own magnificent loaves at home.

You'll work with different recipes and learn the techniques and tools necessary for each.

Students will take home the recipes as well as loaves of each of their creations to savor upon.

Bring paper and pencil for note as well as a bag to bring home all of your goodies! 

Class begins at 9:30 a.m., and yes, we will have coffee waiting. 

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Have you taken our Artisan 101 class and are now ready for the next level of baking? Or, are you a seasoned bread baker, but you would like to get your hands doughy with some sprouted flour? Perfect.

We offer an advanced class on a limited basis to teach baking with organic sprouted flour. We require that you either already have a working knowledge of bread baking, or have taken our Artisan 101 baking class prior to signing up for this class. Please fill out the form below to be put on the waitlist for this class. When we schedule our next class, you will be the first to know, before the class is made available to the public!

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