When our schedule permits, we offer classes at our bakery. 
These classes vary from in depth (4-5 hour) hands-on classes to smaller (2-3 hour), specialized classes. 
Everybody learns, everybody bakes, everybody eats. Come hungry.


artisan baking 101

Our Artisan 101 class is an extensive, hands-on experience that will leave you with the knowledge you need to start baking your own delicious loaves of homemade bread.

You'll learn about the different types of flour, when you should be using them, how you should be using them, and everything you need to know about producing traditional artisan loaves.

Our classes are small and highly interactive, be prepared to get messy. Nobody leaves the bakery without baking a loaf of bread.

You'll be mixing, shaping, proofing, and scoring multiple loaves. And yes,  you get to take your creations home with you, along with the recipes and  the experience to make many more loaves.

Course Length: 4 to 5 Hours

Price: $100.00



In this class you will master the skills necessary to make amazing pizza using both traditional and sprouted dough. We're even going to show you our unique twist on pizza dough that'll blow your freakin' mind.

After creating your masterpieces, we'll bake them off and wash them down with a flight of beer from one of our fabulous local breweries.

You will leave with your pizzas, the recipes we make in class  and the knowledge to recreate pizza in the comfort of your very own home.

Incidentally, having a "make-your-own-pizza" night is basically the best kind of party ever, and it's even better when you can show off your wicked awesome skills.

Course Length: 2 to 3 Hours

Price: $85.00



Have you taken our Artisan 101 class and are now ready for the next level of baking? Or, are you a seasoned bread baker but would like to get your hands doughy with some sprouted flour? Perfect.

In this class you’ll learn all about sprouted wheat flour, its benefits and why you should be baking with it. We'll take you through the differences of baking with sprouted wheat flour vs. traditional wheat flour and teach you everything you need to know to turn out your own magnificent loaves at home.

You’ll work with different recipes and learn the mixing, proofing and shaping techniques necessary for sprouted flour baking. (Including our coveted Ezekiel Bread!)

Students will take home their bread along with the recipes from class. 

Course Length: 4 Hours

Price: $125.00



Bread isn’t the only kind of food that is drastically improved by switching to organic sprouted flour.

In this class, we delve into the non-yeasted arena (commonly called quick breads) and show you how to work with the nuances of sprouted flour.

Mini-cakes, muffins, and cookies, oh my! It’s all on the table.

Difficulties with texture, moisture levels and baking variances will become a thing of the past.

Students leave with their goodies, the recipes, and the ability to elevate their favorite quick breads to a whole new level.

Course Length: 2 to 3 Hours

Price: $75.00