Organic or Non-Organic? That is the Question.

You may think there is an obvious answer to the oft debated organic vs. non-organic question, but it's actually an incredibly complex issue. We thought we would take a moment to examine the organic choices and non-organic choices available to you, and what they mean.


Just the word organic sounds nice. It has a warm, comforting, natural feel to it. But what does it really mean? By definition organic is something that is relating to life or living matter; however, most people are typically referring to foods being labeled organic. The labeling in the United States is done by the USDA and their qualifications for being officially labelled organic vary per department (dairy, beef, plants, etc...). One thing they are adamant about is the use of GMO materials/ingredients. All GMO use is prohibited in organic products.


An unfortunate downside to this regulation is that organic foods cost more. The farmers have to meet very specific standards in every aspect of their production in order to be able to snag the coveted organic label. They are inspected annually, and keeping up with the USDA standards can be costly; these increased costs are passed on to you, the consumer.

If you are lucky and live in an area that has many farms and/or farmer's markets, you can sometimes meet and talk to your local farmer's about their pesticide and GMO practices.  However, a lot of city-dwellers (80% of the USA) do not have the ability to do that and rely on the USDA stickers to provide them with the information they seek.


There are also some people who maintain that only certain fruits/veggies need to be organic and that there some (the "Clean Fifteen") that you don't need to be concerned with getting organic.

In the end, it comes down to a personal choice for yourself and your family. There is a lot of research available, and we trust that you will choose what is right for you and your family's needs.


Here at 20 Shekels Bread, we strive to use the best ingredients available to us, while still producing breads that are as affordable as possible. Our six core sprouted loaves are made with organic ingredients, and the majority of our conventional flour bread ingredients are also made with organic ingredients. If you ever have any questions about our ingredients, you can ask us in the bakery, give us a call (727-279-5415), or send an email.

We recommend coming in to the bakery to chat with us, because then you can snag some free samples, and who doesn't love free samples?!