Guest Post: "A Few Words From A Happy Client"

Occasionally we receive some truly lovely written sentiments from our customers. This one was so wonderful and eloquent that we wanted to share it with everyone. Enjoy!

A Few Words from A Happy Client


I will forever be indebted to Marni and her crew at 20 Shekels. If she had donned a suit of armor and charged to my rescue on a white steed, I couldn’t have been more impressed.

A few years ago, my son’s lungs became problematic without warning. He struggled for each breath in a horribly disquieting way.

Fortunately, we found a doctor who specialized in allergies and discovered he could heal, with time. However, he needed to begin a very restrictive diet.

Cole remembers it like it was yesterday. “It was so upsetting, because I couldn’t eat a lot of the foods I loved. So many things smelled so good, but I couldn’t eat them.”

The list of things he couldn’t eat were larger than the specialist had ever seen. Needless to say, finding meals Cole could eat were challenging. And finding foods he liked, which were on his list, proved to be a daunting task.

Breads seemed out of the question. They had way too many components from his red list (foods which were completely forbidden).

Someone recommended that I try a small bread shop, 20 Shekels, on Drew St. in Clearwater. This little shop had breads made with loving hands and wholesome ingredients. So, I held my breath and walked in.

Marni, the owner, greeted me with a ready smile and compassion. I showed her the giant list of food restrictions and she read them over with interest. Her almond bread almost fit the bill, but still had a few ingredients that wouldn’t fly. She asked if she could borrow the list and research
options. I was stunned by her dedication and passion for helping me feed my growing boy.

In the end, she created an amazing version of her almond bread that my son instantly devoured. It became a staple for him through that period.

“I really loved the taste of the almond bread and still do!” Cole told me. “It was amazing that she could take a nut and make it into an amazing bread. I remember feeling so happy that I had something special to eat.”

Today, Cole is healthy again, able to eat everything again. As a result, he’s towering over me at age thirteen! Since our family travels full time, we regularly order a variety of bread from 20 Shekels, which they kindly ship to us all over the country. Our children all eagerly await the 20 Shekels care packages. It’s by far our favorite bread!

Thank you, Marni for all your help!

~Laura Sherman

Thank you Laura for your kind words! We are more than thrilled to be a positive part of Cole's journey. Laura and her family have a wonderful blog that everyone should check out: RoadSchooling Shermans.