Chocolate Quinoa Mini Cakes - 2 Pack

Chocolate Quinoa Mini Cakes - 2 Pack


These mini-cakes are rich, delicious treats for all of you chocolate lovers out there. We don't often dabble with quinoa but these are so amazingly good, we couldn't help it.

Sprinkle them with a little powdered sugar for a gorgeous presentation. (We ship them naked since the powdered sugar dressing settles in during transit. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you.)

Sold as a pack of two, because honestly, after you try one, you’ll be mad if you don’t have another.

Ingredients: Organic Quinoa, Cage Free Eggs, Cream, Butter, Organic Cocoa, Cane Sugar, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Salt.

5 oz/Cake

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