Straight Up Plain

Straight Up Plain

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We love sprouted pasta.

The trouble with the ones on the market today are that they tend to be cut too thick and end up being “wheaty”.

We decided to take matters into our own hands and make our own.

100% organic sprouted wheat that’s been delicately hand-crafted to replicate a traditional wheat pasta. You’ll be hard pressed to notice much of a difference.

Boil for approximately 7 minutes to achieve al dente (Italian for “to the tooth”) or in other words, slightly firm when you bite into it.

Pair with your favorite tomato sauce, cheese sauce or keep it simple with a little olive oil and salt.

All the benefits of sprouted with a taste that will amaze. Finally.

Ingredients: Organic Sprouted Wheat Flour, Cage Free Eggs, Salt, Organic Carrot Juice.

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