In 2002, We Love Jam started making jam from an old Blenheim apricot tree in their Santa Clara, California backyard. What started as a hobby turned into a business when Food & Wine magazine wrote in their February 2007 issue it was the best jam they ever tasted.

They make everything in small batches using the best ingredients found either locally from small farmers or from the best international sources.

Pectin isn’t used in the production of these jams, so you’ll want to give them a good shake before opening.

Four varieties:

BLENHEIM APRICOT - Rare, handpicked, organic Blenheim apricots produce this exquisite jam. A ripe, intense apricot flavor with a silky smooth consistency.

Ingredients: Organic Blenheim Apricots, Cane Sugar, Spices

PEACH & BOURBON - Wonderfully complex flavor. California yellow peaches cooked with lemon zest, spices, and deep down under it all the bourbon which enhances the flavors. The alcohol from the bourbon is cooked out so this is a booze free jam.

Ingredients: Peaches, Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice, Lemon Zest, Bourbon, Spices

BLACKBERRY & WALNUT - 1. Discovering abundant wild blackberry bushes in Tilden Park, Berkeley. 2. Adding in ground organic walnuts; just enough to get a faint underlying taste. 3. Leaving the blackberry seeds in the jam which yields a wonderful texture and keeps the healthy compounds intact. Pure genius. It’s basically blackberry pie without the crust.

Ingredients: Blackberries, Cane Sugar, Organic Walnuts, Spices

RASPBERRY, MANGO, PASSION FRUIT - There are hundreds of strawberry jams out there so when they decided to make a strawberry jam they opted to do something different, and more delicious. Strawberries get very sweet when cooked and since jam has sugar in it (acts to preserve it) most strawberry jams can be too sweet. Strawberries also don't have any significant pectin in them (the natural thickening agent in some fruits) and since they don't use pectin to thicken the jams, they chose to use mangos. Strawberries and mangos are pretty delicious together, but they took it a step further and added some passion fruit to give it a nice tartness. Did we say the flavor is amazing? This is a low sugar jam and is a must have for every pantry.

Ingredients: Strawberry, Mango, Sugar, Passion Fruit

9 oz/Jar

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