Todd and Jordan Champagne began Happy Girl Kitchen Co. out of the sheer love of food. After working on farms for years and preserving the glut of California seasons, Todd and Jordan have been lauded as key members in the thriving food community of the central coast.

Happy Girl Kitchen Co. is dedicated to simple, delicious and farm driven foods.

Two varieties:

PINK GRAPEFRUIT - The grapefruit makes such a wonderful marmalade, with its bitter and translucent peels that give marmalade it's good reputation. The perfect balance.

Ingredients: Organic Pink Grapefruit, Organic Meyer Lemons, Organic Cane Sugar

BIG SUR - This special, limited edition marmalade is made with three different fruits harvested from the hills of Big Sur, California.

Ingredients: Organic Mandarins, Organic Clementines, Organic Meyer Lemons, Organic Cane Sugar.

8 oz/Jar

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