Think you can’t eat bread? Think again.

The days of high-glycemic, tasteless and chemical filled breads are over.

We combined old world techniques with 21st century science to bring you a new class of bread that’s robust, flavorful and nutritious.

Each loaf, crafted by hand, using the highest quality organic sprouted flour produced in the United States. Revolutionary flour that's optimally sprouted, specially dried, scientifically tested and milled into a finely ground powder.

When whole grain is properly sprouted, nutrients are unlocked and it's converted into a more digestible food. In fact, it's the easiest-to-digest food: vegetable. As the grain sprouts, it turns into a plant and the body breaks it down as a vegetable not a starch. 

Sprouting whole grain removes the bitter taste usually found in unsprouted whole grain flour and develops an amazing flavor profile.

With six varieties to choose from, there’s a little something special for everyone.


The Ezekiel

Using six key ingredients necessary to be called Ezekiel bread, we then tweaked the recipe adding a little of this and a little of that to bring you a marvelous bread that’s full of flavor, yet protein and nutrient dense. 

An excellent breakfast or midday option for those looking to add protein to their diet.


The Muesli

We took our cue from the Swiss on this one and combined four different fruits with six different nuts and seeds.

The perfect balance of savory and sweet.

You’ll love it toasted, but do yourself a favor and try it with a turkey sandwich.


The Carrot Cake

We took all the joy carrot cake has to offer and then tossed it into a bread.

Shredded carrot, chunks of pineapple, walnut halves, and coconut smiles studded throughout.

On its own, fantastic. Add a little cream cheese...heavenly.


The Peasant

We wrangled ourselves in and developed a bread for those who know that the simplest things in life are often the best.

None of the hoopla. Rich in flavor.

Utterly understated by its name, as it should be.


The Walnut Pear

This is your ace in the hole when entertaining. Toasted walnuts, fresh pears and hints of cinnamon.

Wonderful on its own. 

Remarkable with a good cheese, wine or beer.


The Chocolate Blackberry

We don’t even know what to say about this one.

It’s bread with dark chocolate and blackberries.

Glorious. Period.